Merle Morgan, MS, L.Ac, Dip Ac

Merle Morgan is a physician of Oriental Medicine.  She received her degree from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine where she graduated Suma Cum Laude and served on the faculty there for 10 years.  She also served on the faculty of Yosan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She was a founding member of the Mind Body Planning Committee at UCLA's Ashe Centre, where she taught a weekly class as part of the Student Health and Wellness program and conducted a Medical Qi Gong clinic.  She participated in a program to help UCLA students with productivity, improved memory, focus, recall for exams, as well as sports performance and stress.  As a result of the popularity of her Medical Qi Gong classes, Merle has been a featured guest speaker on a radio talk show and a variety of television shows on Oriental Medicine and Qi Gong.  In 1990, Merle met Grand Master Hong Liu, who is recognized as a Living Treasure in both China and the State of Hawaii.  She has assisted him in both the teaching of Medical Qi Gong and healing work.  In addition to Internships at UCLA, Daniel Freeman Hospital and Los Angeles Free Clinic, Merle went to China for Post-Graduate studies at the University of Beijing.   There she gained further experience at 6 hospitals in Beijing.  Merle maintains a clinical practice in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine including Chinese Herbology, Nutrition, and Medical Qi Gong.  She treats a wide range of internal medical conditions.  She is also highly regarded for her unique expertise in Cosmetic Acupuncture (Acupuncture Facelifts), anti-aging, and longevity.