What Is Chinese Herbal Medicine?


In addition to acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine includes oriental herbal prescriptions.  These herbal prescriptions are often of critical importance to the success oftreatments. 

Chinese herbs have energetic properties that work on the various meridian systems.  They go beyond simply treating symptoms to powerfully address the underlying, root causes of physical or psychological problems. This medicine has tremendous healing and rebuilding properties and for this reason has been used for thousands of years.

Single herbs are rarely prescribed.  Typically, herbs are combined into well-balanced formulas tailored to fit the particular needs of each patient.  Herbs are loose and decocted into teas, concentrated liquid extracts, pills, capsules and powders.

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Herbal prescriptions are well-formulated and balanced to avoid side-effects.  Sometime patients may experience healing crises as they rid themselves of toxins and address underlying psychological issues.

Can I Take Chinese Herbs With Western Prescription Drugs?

Individuals who are also using prescription drugs may take most Chinese herbs but this needs to be discussed on an individual bases with your acupuncturist.  There are many conditions in which patients may benefit from the use of Chinese herbs along with their Western drugs.  However, it is recommended that Chinese herbs be taken on an empty stomach at least two hours apart from Western drugs.  Patients who do not wish to take Western drugs, or cannot tolerate them due to side-effects or adverse reactions can many times benefit from alternative Chinese herbal formulations.