What Is An Acupuncture Facelift?


How does it work?

An acupuncture facelift address the ‘reasons’ for sagging or wrinkling skin:

In Oriental Medicine (OM), the Lung organ system governs the skin.  The Lungs are the uppermost organ of the body and the closest to the exterior – as is the skin.  In order to treat dry, wrinkling skin, it is important to treat, by tonifying and strengthening, the Lung organ system. 

In OM the Spleen organ system governs the muscles (Liver governs the tendons).  The Spleen system is also responsible for holding things in place.  If the skin is sagging, we must treat by tonifying the Spleen organ system.  The Spleen’s paired organ system is the Stomach.  The Stomach meridian (pathway of energy) begins at the eyes and flows through the face.  It is beneficial, and essential to treat both organ systems as a pair – Spleen and Stomach.

There are several other organ system pathways that traverse the face and we will also work with these.

Acupuncture addresses the reasons and root causes for health issues.  Similarly, Acupuncture Facelifts address the reasons your skin is not looking the way you would like it to look, not just the superficial image.  As a result, you will not only look better, you will also feel better!

Your skin will look more refined as the pores diminish and the texture becomes smoother like younger-looking skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles diminish or disappear.  The skin lifts.  The neck lifts and looks longer and more slender.  The face and neck become more defined.


Will It Hurt?

The needles are inserted in the face but also in the extremities of the body – the arms and legs.  The face needles are very, very tiny in length.  Even though the needles used on the body are bigger, they are still only the width of a hair.  The insertion is much more superficial for the face.

The needles are solid i.e. not hollow, and do not ‘tear’ the skin in the way that needles used for injections do.   This is a much less painful process.